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One More Week to Vote!

It’s only one week until Election Day for the 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

Both the State of California and Orange County offer Voter Information Guides that provide a wealth of information about the voting process as well as the candidates and contests that will appear on the ballot. The links below will access both guides:

If you have already voted and want to check the status of your ballot, please visit ocvote.gov/track. You will be asked to confirm your identity before you can track your ballot.

Bob Page
Registrar of Voters
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Come visit us! Today, our pop-up voting team will be at the Braille Institute Anaheim Center, ready to serve voters from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Tips for Completing Your Ballot
Tips for Completing Your Ballot

As you complete your ballot before or on March 5, here are several tips to keep in mind:

  • When marking your ballot, use blue or black ink.
  • Once you have completed your ballot, place it in the pre-paid postage envelope provided, seal it, and sign the envelope.
  • It’s very important to sign your ballot envelope. Your ballot may not be counted without a signature.

 See the accompanying article to the right on how to return your ballot.

How to return your ballot
How to return your ballot

Once you have completed your Vote-By-Mail ballot, including sealing and signing your envelope, you can return it through the mail, place it in a secure Ballot Drop Box near you, or return it to one of our 183 Vote Center locations.

As long as your ballot is postmarked by March 5 or dropped off in person by 8 p.m. on March 5, it will be counted.

If you would like to vote in person, our Vote Centers are open until 8 p.m. on March 5. To find a Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box convenient to you, visit our website at ocvote.gov/voting.

Election Equipment Security
Election Equipment Security

Ensuring a secure and accurate election is our top priority.

All election equipment feature numbered security seals to protect against tampering.

Registrar of Voters staff apply the security seals to the voting equipment before deployment. As part of our strict chain of custody procedures, those seals are verified by staff each morning before the equipment is put into use throughout the voting period. Each night when staff close the Vote Centers, they attach a new security seal and record the number for comparison the next morning.

If a seal is discovered one morning to be broken or compromised in any way, that piece of equipment is taken offline pending a thorough investigation.


Visit a Pop-Up Voting Location
Visit a Pop-Up Voting Location

We held pop-up voting events in San Juan Capistrano on Sunday and in Anaheim today. We have three more scheduled before Election Day:

  • Irvine on Thursday
  • Seal Beach on Saturday
  • Santa Ana on Monday

Our unique mobile voting unit offers all of the voting services of an indoor Vote Center, including voter registration, vote-by-mail ballot drop off, issuance of replacement ballots, and in-person voting. And, it’s ADA accessible.

For a list of the exact times and locations of the remaining pop-up events, please visit ocvote.gov/pop-up.

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