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It’s Election Day!

Today is Election Day!

And, it’s the last day you can cast your 2024 Presidential Primary Election ballot, if you haven’t already.

Vote Centers and secure Ballot Drop Boxes are open until 8 p.m. Find a location near you: ocvote.gov/voting.

To check the projected wait time at each Vote Center, visit ocvote.gov/time.

Vote Easy. Vote Secure.

Bob Page
Registrar of Voters
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Today is Election Day! Vote Centers and secure Ballot Drop Boxes are open until 8 p.m. Find a location near you at ocvote.gov/voting

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OC Ballot Express
OC Ballot Express

You can track your Vote-By-Mail ballot through the entire Registrar of Voters process with OC Ballot Express.

Sign up at ocvote.gov/track to receive text or email notifications about your ballot status. You can also use OC Ballot Express to look up the status of your ballot yourself.

On our website, you will be asked to confirm your identity before you can sign up for notifications or check the status of your Vote-By-Mail ballot.

If you need assistance signing up for OC Ballot Express, call our Voter Assistance Hotline at 714-567-7600 or 888-OCVOTES (888- 628-6837).

Note: Given the large number of Vote-By-Mail ballots typically returned on Election Day, it could take two to three days for you to be notified that your ballot was received by the Registrar of Voters as we get these ballots started in the process.

Results Posting Schedule
Results Posting Schedule

The first election results report for the 2024 Presidential Primary Election will be posted about 8:05 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5 after Vote Centers close. This will include votes from Vote-By-Mail ballots received before Election Day, processed, accepted for counting, and scanned.

As votes from Vote Centers are securely transported by two-person teams with a Sheriff’s Department escort to our office in Santa Ana, updated results reports will be posted at 9:30 p.m. and every half-hour thereafter until all in-person ballots are included in the results.

At the end of Election Night we will estimate how many Vote-By-Mail ballots we still have to process. We also have a countdown clock on our Current Election Results page of our website so you can easily see when the next results report will be posted.

To monitor election results, please visit ocvote.gov/results.

See Something, Say Something
See Something, Say Something

Election security is a top priority for the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

We have partnerships with the District Attorney’s office, the Department of Homeland Security, and State and local law enforcement to help protect against and investigate threats of violence against election workers, unauthorized attempts to access voter registration and election systems, voter intimidation, electioneering, and election fraud.

If you see suspicious behavior or activity, or have witnessed a criminal violation of the California Elections Code, you can report it to one of the following entities:

Orange County Registrar of Voters Office

Phone: 714-567-7600 or 888-OCVOTES (888- 628-6837)
Email: [email protected]

Orange County District Attorney Command Center

Phone: 657-707-4048
Email: [email protected]

Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center

Online reporting form: ociac.ca.gov

Random Draws for Audits
Random Draws for Audits

To ensure the accuracy of the 2024 Presidential Primary Election results in the county before certifying them, the Registrar of Voters will conduct two audits. The first step this week is to randomly select ballots to include in the audits.

One Percent Manual Tally

On Thursday, March 7 at 11 a.m., at least 1 percent of all precincts in the county will be randomly selected. All ballots within the randomly selected precincts will be manually tallied by four-person teams and compared to results. 

Risk-Limiting Audit

On Friday, March 8 at 11 a.m., a public draw will be conducted using dice to generate a 20-digit random seed number. State-approved audit software uses the seed number to randomly select ballots for manual examination by four-person teams to reach a confidence level that the outcome of a specific contest is correct.

You can observe these random draws by visiting our office at 1300 S. Grand Ave., Bldg. C, Santa Ana, or by viewing livestreamed video at ocvote.gov/observe.

It is expected that the hand counting and manual examination of ballots for both audits will commence by Friday, March 15.


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