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Unofficial Election Results

The most recent results of the 2023 City of Seal Beach Districts 3 and 5 Municipal Run-Off Election can be found on the County’s ROV website at Unofficial Election Results. This report is updated at 5 p.m. each weekday until the election is certified by the Registrar of Voters. After the Unofficial Election Results are posted each weekday, the What’s Left to Process report is updated as well. 

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Registrar of Voters
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The public is invited to observe as the Orange County Registrar of Voters conducts the Official Canvass of the City of Seal Beach Districts 3 and 5 Municipal Run-Off Election. 

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Official Canvass
Official Canvass

Today, we began the Official Canvass which would offer observers an opportunity to watch as we continue to process mail ballots and complete post-election audits. Mail ballots will continue to be accepted and processed if they are postmarked by Election Day and received in our office by Friday, February 3, 2023, as dictated by the City of Seal Beach’s Municipal Code.  

Daily election activities are posted and regularly updated on our observation calendar. 

Post-Election Audit
Post-Election Audit

Several tests and an audit to confirm the accuracy of the ballot scanners and election results tabulated by the County’s voting system are expected to begin by next week. 

The votes on a portion of the paper ballots cast in this election will be randomly selected and hand-counted to audit the accuracy of the vote tally. Today, the Registrar of Voters randomly selected at least one percent of the precincts in Seal Beach Districts 3 and 5 from which to hand count ballots. The hand-counting audit will determine whether the results of the two contests on the ballot are correct. 

We will also test the continued accuracy of all of the ballot scanners used in this election. Test ballots marked with a pre-determined pattern and results will be run through the scanners to ensure they still count votes accurately. This same test was conducted on the ballot scanners before they were put into use for this election.

Signature Issue Cure Process
Signature Issue Cure Process

A voter can cure a signature issue on their vote-by-mail ballot until two days before the election results are certified by the Registrar of Voters. This includes issues such as an unsigned ballot envelope or a signature that doesn't match the voter's file.

Affected voters will be notified by mail and given a statement to sign and return. It is recommended that these voters submit their statement by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 to meet the deadline. 

Tracking the Status of Your Ballot
Tracking the Status of Your Ballot

Interested in tracking the status of your vote-by-mail ballot? You may check the status of your ballot by visiting: Track Your Ballot | OC Vote 

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