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Heads Up OC Voters - 3-Page Ballot Likely for June 2018
2018 Statewide Primary
2018 Statewide Primary

April 5, 2018 - As we continue the detailed and complex process of building the ballot it has become quickly apparent that most, if not all, ballot types in Orange County will stretch to 3-pages (unlike 2016 when most ballot types were 2-pages).

The reason for this is pretty straightforward - for instance:

  • There are 27 candidates for Governor
  • There are 11 candidates for Lt. Governor
  • There are 8 candidates for Secretary of State
  • There are some Assembly and Senate contests with 10 or more candidates
  • There are some Congressional contests with 15 or more candidates

You get the idea - combine this with countywide contests, state propositions and local contests and you end up with a lengthy ballot. This will also change the amount of postage required to return a ballot - from $.50 to $.71 (which will be messaged clearly in our vote-by-mail instructions).