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Overseas Voter Info

Make Sure You're Designated as an Overseas Voter
When you are designated as an overseas voter your ballot is available 30 days prior to regular ballots, giving you more time to return your ballot. You can also receive your ballot via email.
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Receive Your Ballot Electronically
If you're already designated as an overseas voter you can access your ballot electronically. We provide this service for Orange County residents living overseas in the event that you did not receive your ballot.
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Email Security
In an effort to protect your privacy you can secure your email and keep it off of the voter files. This will prevent third party individuals from accessing your email, which will eliminate unsolicited emails from being sent to you.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Overseas Voting
We’ve assembled the most comprehensive depository of relevant questions and answers to your voting questions. Learn about your rights as a voter living overseas.
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