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Details About Removal of Deceased Voters from Voter Registration List

In order to maintain an accurate voter database, our office continually updates the voter registration records to account for the unfortunate situation of a deceased voter. Upon notification and verification of the deceased party, we cancel the appropriate voter record. Our office receives notification through the following methods:

  • Returned mail that is marked “Deceased”.
  • Periodic death records provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency.
  • The “VoteCal Deceased List”, which is a list of deceased voters provided by the California Secretary of State’s office multiple times per year.
  • The Registrar of Voters office checks the obituaries listed in the newspapers daily.
  • The Registrar of Voters office also cancels inactive voters who have not participated in two consecutive federal general elections, pursuant to California Elections Code 2226.
  • Notification from a family member, including the name, address and date of death of the deceased.
  • Utilization of a third-party data provider, which provides national deceased voter data.
  • Notify our office about a deceased voter.